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How Proper Access does so much more for you with No Worries Support.

We think accessing the internet should be a no worries thing, across all of your devices. That’s why we created our incredible No Worries Support Plan. With No Worries Support we’ll cover not only any of your Proper Access solutions, but also connectivity issues on ANY DEVICE YOU OWN. We want to be your first line of support. If youre having trouble connecting, we want you to contact us first—every time. We’ve got your back. We’ve got you covered. It’s a no worries thing.

Here’s how No Worries Support works:

This premier support plan covers your Proper Access solution and your smart home digital life devices. It's hands down the best internet device support plan in the entire industry.

What's covered:

Your Proper Access solution - all parts + all labor + all support (virtual and on-site), for as long as you own your plan.
All upgrades and servicing of your Proper Access solution for as long as you own your plan.
Internet of Things (IoT) device support - all parts + all labor + all support (virtual and on-site), for any IoT device purchased from Proper Access, for as long as you own your plan.
Internet enabled device support including anything you're trying to connect to your Proper Access solution - all virtual support.
Any questions, help, troubleshooting, or virtual assistance you need with connectivity issues on any device that connects to your Proper Access solution. Including any Internet of Things device, printers, scanners, computers, phones, tablets, and voice enabled device even if you didn’t purchase it from us.
Any sales support related question about what smart home or digital life device might be best for your situation (even if you don't buy it from us or have us install the device).

What's not covered:

All parts + all labor + on-site support, for any IoT device NOT purchased from Proper Access (we do cover all virtual support on any IoT device for Proper Access solution owners).
Any on-site connectivity support for devices that connect to your Proper Access solution (we do cover all virtual support for devices of Proper Access solution owners).

Our lawyers make us say the following…
Proper Access is not liable to cover any customer related negligence or damage. We also don't cover: acts of god, flood, fire, theft, unforeseen circumstance, Murphy's law, municipality violation, or any damages to health, prosperity, welfare, or happiness that result from owning any of Proper Access solutions, products, services, or information. Just sayin.

Go with No Worries Support Plan during checkout and recieve our best rate.