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Reboot Game

Your Internet Service Provider (ISP) is hiding a dirty little secret from you.

It happened again. You’re WiFi went down. Netflix stopped streaming. Your tunes cut out from your internet radio, and Alexa keeps flashing her “red bar attitude” and complaining about not being able to connect to the WiFi. Yup, the WiFi is down for sure this time. Sigh.

You’ve been dreading this moment. You knew it was coming, but you somehow hoped it wouldn’t. It makes you sick to your stomach thinking about it. You definitely had better things to do today with your time. You’re going to need to CALL YOUR ISP! Dunt dun duuuun!

So, time to face the music. You hock up your belt, roll up your sleeves, and grab your phone. With strong, determined fingers, you punch in the 800 number. You punch 2, then 7, then 5, oh…wait, maybe you needed three. Hold on…it’s transferring. “Yes, hello (where is this? Sounds like India! Oh well, It doesn’t matter) yes, hello, my WiFi is down, AGAIN!”

The Indian gal is nice, a bit hard to understand, but nice. She assures you that she can help you but she’ll need to place you on a brief hold…still holding…still…oh, she’s back, wrong department, but you don’t want to transfer. She assures you this is the only way to fix your problem. Arrrgh. Okay, so you sit down, hand clenched in your forehead, and wait for the other department. *sighs deeper* Finally! After a bit of a hold, you finally get to someone who sounds a bit more…confident. You can hear his keyboard clicking away in the background. He verifies some stuff with you and asks about your problem. He listens, very actively, taps away at his keyboard some more. Now, this is it. You feel it coming, his big answer, here it is, the grand solution is…turn it off and back on again. Wait, what!? Seriously!? No, heck no. That’s what they say every time! I did that four times last week!

Unbelievable. They’ve got you playing THE REBOOT GAME!

Although a bit tongue-and-cheek, the above scenario rings all too true for many of us. Truth is, your ISP has you playing the reboot game because their hiding a dirty little secret from you. The secret is that the problem you’re having has everything to do with your internet router. You’re asking it to do way too much. You keep adding devices, streaming higher data rate video, and doing way more business on the internet than ever before. That black little box with all the antennas sticking out of it simply can’t keep up. It’s not your fault, the major big box companies haven’t kept up. They’re still selling you technology from 1996. Old, outdated technology that simply can’t keep up. That’s why your ISP has you playing the dreaded, reboot game.

Stop! Just, stop. The dreaded reboot game is not for you. It doesn’t fit your lifestyle. You don’t have time for this. You need something that works—every time, all the time. You need reliable, consistent WiFi. Your modern life is in the cloud now so you need instant access to the digital things that matter most to you. Yes, you need access, Proper Access to those digital things that matter most.