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Proper Access chooses the Smart Car for its technical fleet.

Cleveland, Ohio

Cleveland’s tech fleet is getting a socially responsible upgrade this spring as leading smart home provider, Proper Access, selects the Smart Car Pure for its field techs.

“It’s a socially responsible mode of transportation for our field technicians,” said Sean O'Brien, CEO of Proper Access. “The Smart Car was really our first and best choice. They are environmentally friendly, fuel efficient, and they have a tiny carbon footprint,” Sean added.

Smart Cars boast an impressive 8 cubic feet of cargo space behind the seats. There are also 12 cubic feet up to the inner canopy of the roof. Allegedly, this combined cubic space is only 2.5 cubic feet less than a Camry. Proper Access conveyed that this was plenty of space for their technical gear and equipment. They believe that this space will be safe and adequate for each technician, tools, and any customer products with room to spare.

Proper Access plans to put as many as 20 Smart Cars on the streets of Cleveland this year, but you’ll probably only see them buzzing around if you drive near the suburbs on the east and west side. Proper Access reported that most of their marketing efforts have been focused on the larger “smart homes” located in the suburbs.

“Of course, we’re gearing up to support our flagship product, our home WiFi upgrade,” Sean said, “however, we will also be supporting plenty of smart home devices like WiFi thermostats, door bells, garage door monitors, and door locks. The Smart Car is a reliable tool to get us out to a customer’s site efficiently with just the right amount of room.”

PA Smart Car

Beyond Cleveland, Proper Access’s goal is to take their solution (and fleet of Smart Cars), to the top one hundred smart home neighborhoods across the nation within the next five years. And this makes very good sense with statistics showing that demand for advanced small office and home office networking equipment is expected to double by 2020. Proper Access seems to be in a great position to support this growth.

In the end, it all seems so…Smart.