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Hi! I'm Spencer Proper

Spencer Proper has spent his entire life working with computers, IT, and networking. He is a true geek. Not too long ago he realized that more and more devices were becoming "internet connected." Spencer reasoned that one day soon, everything with a power switch will be connected. He sees the amazing benefits that "smart home tech" brings to families of all types.

As Spencer helped his friends and family hook up their smart home devices, he realized that there was a huge problem. The internet routers that his friends and family were using couldn’t reliably handle more than five devices. Even the most expensive consumer-grade router that his Uncle Chuck owned could only connect eight devices. This gave Uncle Chuck many headaches because he had a phone, laptop, tablet, and many smart home devices. When these were combined with all of his family's other devices, there were easily seventeen devices that needed to maintain a connection within this one home. Uncle Chuck's high end router was simply dyeing under the workload.

This led Spencer to do some research. As he looked into the problem, he was shocked to learn the problem was even bigger than just his own circle of family and friends. Spencer learned that the problem was everywhere people needed a fast, reliable, and safe connection to the internet. He heard story after story about "the little black modem box" that the internet service provider installed in people's homes and businesses. He heard how unreliable they were. How they needed to be rebooted four to five times a week. He interviewed people and listened as they told him time and time again about all of their connection problems as they were buying more devices. The smart home dream was becoming a nightmare.

During one of the most extensive phases of Spencer's research, it abhorred him to learn that as many as 80% of internet routers were currently hacked! He couldn't even believe it, but independent security firm after security firm kept publishing the same results. Something had to be done immediately to protect and reliably connect smart homes.

That's when Spencer found out about Proper Access. He was so excited he became their lead spokesperson.

Proper Access is built to power your smart home. We were born at the front end of the internet of things revolution (IoT). Basically, every device is connected to the internet now. It's not just computers, tablets, and phones anymore. Now it's coffee pots, thermostats, lightbulbs, and refrigerators. They're all connected. We power that connection in your home and small business. We give you Proper Access to your digital life, no worries included.

Proper Access was started in 2016 by our current CEO, Sean Matthew O'Brien. His goal was to use his training as a US Army, non-commissioned communications officer where he held a top secret security clearance, to create the fastest, most secure WiFi platform you can own. Our flagship product, our Home Wifi Upgrade, gives you lightning-fast, ultra-secure, future-proof internet access throughout your entire home with no signal dead spots.

No more spinning loading wheels for days, or, "I'm sorry, I'm having trouble connecting to the wifi right now" from your voice appliance. We make your access to you digital life work proper(ly). Plus, with our amazing No Worries Support Plan, we're your on-call WiFi geeks that can handle all of your internet enabled devices.

Our story continues with you, our next customer. How you leverage internet technologies is amazing and we want to give you the power to enjoy, create, and even shape the future. All of this starts with your connection to the internet. That's why you need access, Proper Access, to the digital things that matter most to you.

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