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Leading IoT support company speaks out on the implications to consumer

The phrase, “Internet of Things,” or, “IoT,” might not be too familiar to you. At its core, IoT is about more and more devices becoming internet enabled. No longer is internet access limited to computers, phones, and tablets. Now, everything is getting connected. Products like: lightbulbs, garage door openers, thermostats (like Nest and ecobee), coffee makers, refrigerators, door locks, cameras, door bells, outlets, and voice activated appliances are all linking up. The list just keeps on growing and growing. Even nontraditionally considered products like power tools are jumping on the IoT bandwagon.

What does all this connectivity mean for the modern home that’s trying to become smarter? It means that your connectivity resources need to be able to handle the coming wave of devices that you will be purchasing to add to your smart home over the next few years. The traditional, bandwidth provider supplied WiFi router no longer can handle the job. Reliably speaking, even the most expensive consumer grade router can only connect a maximum of 10 devices.

When you consider these new realities that are facing your smart home, it’s time for a connectivity upgrade. One leading IoT support company is empowering consumers to future-proof their smart home. “We’re really powering and future-proofing the IoT revolution in homes and businesses,” says Sean O’Brien, founder of Proper Access. “For our customers, we are upgrading their home WiFi systems so they don’t have to worry about what IoT device they buy in the next ten years.”

Proper Access also boasts that this WiFi upgrade significantly improves signal coverage, reliability, and the overall security of your network connection. The company even offers a hack-proof guarantee which comes standard on their flagship solution. They confidently claim that solution owners can connect up to 500 IoT devices to the Proper Access solution. Sean added that, “We also give our customers total control over the IoT with our No Worries Support Plan.” Apparently, Proper Access offers to support any connected device that you own now, or, anything you purchase in the future for a monthly fee under this support plan.

You can learn more about the Proper Access home WiFi upgrade solution on the company’s website at: . Orders can be placed directly on the website.