Home WiFi Network Upgrade
Simply put, we offer the best home WiFi solution you can buy.
Network appliances included are: advanced security gateway, managed switch, WiFi access point(s). Plus power conditioning, installation, and everything needed for the best home wifi network ever!


1996 called, they want their router back. And they can have it because that thing is slow, frustrating, and unsafe. Your current router has probably been hacked, and definitely can't handle all the internet enabled devices you want to connect. Go with the Proper Access solution--we're hack-proof, guaranteed.


You're rebooting your router again, aren't you? Your home network got you down? Ditch the junk-ware and get Proper Access. We'll give you advanced technology that keeps you ‘always on’ with WiFi speeds up to 100x faster than current consumer technology. We're simply the best way to WiFi!


If it has a power-switch, it probably needs WiFi--or at least it will, soon. Thermostats, door bells, voice activated assistants, printers, refrigerators, coffee pots--they're all getting connected! Proper Access gives you the ability to connect up to 500 devices in your home. We'll keep anything you buy connected right now and into the future as more and more of your electronics become internet enabled.