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Featured Case Study - Fitness Industry

This quarter's featured case study focuses on a challenging business environment with both private and public access needs.

EPIQx Fitness & Performance
EPIQx Fitness and Performance is an innovative provider of next generation active wellness solutions. Out of their advanced training facility near Cleveland, Ohio, they offer a host of athletic performance initiatives. They contacted Proper Access because they needed reliable PRIVATE and PUBLIC connectivity to the app suite which powers their top notch athletes and leading performance facility.
Business goals for this project:

  Reliably cover the entire facility with both private and public WiFi.
  Provide IP camera visual security that was accessible 24/7/365 from a mobile device anywhere in the world with up to two weeks feed archive, to protect assests and lower business insurance costs.
  Provide IP voice communications including cell phone routing, and an IVR system with consistent access to e911 services in case of catastrophic injury.
  Create separate "sound enviroments" and give trainers music control from popular music apps via thier phones or a mounted iPad within the facility.
  Visually display (via WiFi casting) real-time athletic performance on two HD LEDTV screens and integrate this functionallity with the application and website systems.
  In the event of a power outage, utilize backup and power conditioning equipment to protect electronic assests and ensure critical systems remain functioning.

How'd we do?

In every, single, one of the business goal areas we received outstanding survey remarks and exceeded client expectations. The client has since returned for more services and has selected a premium monthly support package. This client has referred us to other businesses which we acknowledge as the highest possible honor.
It was a sheer delight to work for this client and give them the technological edge they needed in a highly competitive industry.

"As a high-tech gym, we track all of our athlete's performance through an application that needs consistent internet connectivity. It was Proper Access alone that met the challenge and the results have been phenomenal. Partnering with Proper Access was the best technology decision we've ever made for our business."
Martin Danial, CPT, USAW, FNS
Co-Owner | Fitness Professional