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Proper Access takes off

Entrepreneur Sean Matthew O'Brien Launches Proper Access, a WiFi platform.

Cleveland, Ohio-

"It’s frustrating, annoying, and at worst, can cost you time and money when you can’t connect to your digital life," Sean remarked, "You’ve moved important stuff in the cloud now that you need instant, safe, and consistent access to. Your smart home life can’t wait for an all-day support call to your internet provider. That’s why you need access, Proper Access, to the digital things that matter most to you. No worries included."

Sean launched Proper Access at the frontend of what is being called the Internet of Things Revolution (IoT). "Everything is getting connected," Sean says, "no longer do you have just a computer, phone, and tablet that need wifi access. Now you have thermostats, door bells, coffee pots, refrigerators, and lightbulbs--all needing wifi access."

Proper Access is a company that is built from the ground up to deal with the internet of things revolution. It installs its flagship product, the home wifi upgrade, which can connect up to 500 devices at a time. The company also boasts security as a primary focus.

"ISE tells us that nearly 85% of home routers are currently hacked with spyware and malware," Sean notes, "this is due to outdated firmware and insecure passwords." Proper Access is a company that describes itself as the fix for this security problem. Proper Access sells its services into homes and small businesses. Find out more at:

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