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Update Notice

The following legal documents have been updated and we are publishing official notice here
Covid-19 Statement - 9/26/2020
Terms and Conditions - 3/29/2017
Privacy Policy - 3/15/2017

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To: Proper Access team, customers, partners, and vendors.

As the newly identified coronavirus, SARS-CoV-2, has caused a worldwide pandemic of respiratory illness, called COVID-19. I’ve implemented several very important measures throughout our organization following the lead from government officials to keep ourselves, our customers, and our community safe. These measures are essential due to the physically interactive nature of our business.

These preventative measures include:

- Daily, self-regulated temperature checks for all physically interactive staff.
- Issuing masks and personal protective equipment to field technicians for everyone’s safety.
- Providing virtual support whenever possible.
- Contactless electronic payment options.
- Generous collections timeframes for invoices.
- Health and safety regulated protocols when dealing with vendors and partners.
- Sanitizing common tools, work areas, and vehicles.
- Team communication about personal measures to protect ourselves, others, and our community.

Your safety and the safety of our community is of utmost importance to us during these times. We will continue to serve you in the safest manner possible. If you have any questions or concerns, I stand ready to personally address them.

To our combined, continued safety.

Thank you,
Sean O’Brien, Chief Executive Officer