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No Worries WiFi

Have you ever had the nagging sensation that your WiFi is bad?

We’ve all had this experience: You’ve got 47 tabs open in your browser, you’re streaming a YouTube how-to video, and Pandora is softly rocking your tunes in the background. However, while you’re using all of these internet services, your WiFi is slow and lagging. You don’t know why and it bugs you. You feel like it shouldn’t be this way, technology is advanced now and stuff should just work! But, it doesn’t. And it lags, and loading wheels endlessly spin,

Leading IoT support company speaks out on the implications to consumer

The phrase, “Internet of Things,” or, “IoT,” might not be too familiar to you. At its core, IoT is about more and more devices becoming internet enabled. No longer is internet access limited to computers, phones, and tablets. Now, everything is getting connected. Products like: lightbulbs, garage door openers, thermostats (like Nest and ecobee), coffee makers, refrigerators, door locks, cameras, door bells, outlets, and voice activated appliances are all linking up.

Entrepreneur Sean Matthew O'Brien Launches Proper Access, a WiFi platform.

Cleveland, Ohio-

"It’s frustrating, annoying, and at worst, can cost you time and money when you can’t connect to your digital life," Sean remarked, "You’ve moved important stuff in the cloud now that you need instant, safe, and consistent access to. Your smart home life can’t wait for an all-day support call to your internet provider. That’s why you need access, Proper Access, to the digital things that matter most to you. No worries included."