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Some Funky New IoT for your Smart Home.

Nest thermostat and Ring doorbell aren’t the only Internet of Things devices worth looking at for your smart home anymore. Some new real contenders have emerged.


This year, Samsung released a smart fridge with a giant touch screen full of apps. With other providers rumored to be smart fridge ready (shout out: hey LG…hay haaaay!), your Christmas list might get interesting. This new category of smart home devices will make consumer’s lives more convenient with features like built-in cameras that allow you to peer into your fridge to see what you’re out of. However, Mashable recently did a piece on what they saw at CES and how this will impact smart home security.

Voice Automation Goes Visual

Amazon’s new visual assistant device, the Echo Show, adds video calling functionality to the Alexa suite of products. Free visual calling to anyone with an internet connection and Echo Show is sure to give this product a boost as a primary IoT contender. However, the problem is that most home networks aren’t currently set up to be able to handle the bandwidth requirements of devices like these.

We’ll keep an eye out for other new and noteworthy IoT devices as they appear—seemingly now daily.