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Proper Access chooses the Smart Car for its technical fleet.

Cleveland, Ohio

Cleveland’s tech fleet is getting a socially responsible upgrade this spring as leading smart home provider, Proper Access, selects the Smart Car Pure for its field techs.

“It’s a socially responsible mode of transportation for our field technicians,” said Sean O'Brien, CEO of Proper Access.

Some Funky New IoT for your Smart Home.

Nest thermostat and Ring doorbell aren’t the only Internet of Things devices worth looking at for your smart home anymore. Some new real contenders have emerged.

Reboot Game

Your Internet Service Provider (ISP) is hiding a dirty little secret from you.

It happened again. You’re WiFi went down. Netflix stopped streaming. Your tunes cut out from your internet radio, and Alexa keeps flashing her “red bar attitude” and complaining about not being able to connect to the WiFi. Yup, the WiFi is down for sure this time. Sigh.


How one company is making sure you’re protected

We live in a day and age where connection to the internet is vital for most people. More people work from home now than ever before. The internet is by far the number one source of news and entertainment consumption. Also, as more and more Internet of Things (IoT) devices fill store endcaps, consistently securing and connecting these devices becomes a challenge.

A leading IoT conference emerges.

Details continue to expand as we learn more about the IoT Slam Live 2017 conference. The dates of the conference are June 21-22, 2017. The conference will be held at the Archie K Davis Conference Centre, located in Research Triangle Park, North Carolina, USA. IBM has been announced as the diamond sponsor of the conference.

Why security during the Internet of Things revolution is paramount.

In March, Forbes published an article written by tech journalist Aaron Tilley that reported on data leakage from a popular smart home, IoT device ( Article). Allegedly, data packets were leaking from consumers devices to unknown data centers in China.

Proper Access, an advanced technology company, moves into retail operations.

Cleveland, Ohio-

Proper Access, the best kept secret about advanced WiFi platforms announced Wednesday that it has successfully completed its beta phase and is moving into full retail phase.

“This is a huge step forward in improving internet connectivity as we get our advanced WiFi platform into people’s homes and small businesses through our now retail pricing model,” said

How Proper Access does so much more for you with No Worries Support.

We think accessing the internet should be a no worries thing, across all of your devices. That’s why we created our incredible No Worries Support Plan. With No Worries Support we’ll cover not only any of your Proper Access solutions, but also connectivity issues on ANY DEVICE YOU OWN. We want to be your first line of support. If youre having trouble connecting, we want you to contact us first—every time. We’ve got your back. We’ve got you covered. It’s a no worries thing.