What is Proper Access?

We're Powering the Smart Home Revolution

We're not a replacement to your internet service provider (ISP). We take your bandwidth and give you the safest, fastest, most reliable connection to it throughout your entire home and across all of your connected devices. We are powering the smart home revolution.
No-Worries Support
Go with our "No-Worries Support" plan during checkout and we'll support any home network issue you're having with any connected device. We're like your own personal geek crew.
Fast Installation
Your WiFi is down again, isn't it? We've got your back. We'll have our premiere solution up and running in your home within two weeks--up to stay.
Warp-Speed WiFi
Want fast internet at your house? Bandwidth isn't your problem, your network is. We build networks that run 100x faster. Get an instant speed increase without buying more bandwidth.
A message from the founder of Proper Access...
"I've used my training as a US Army, non-commissioned communications officer where I held a top secret security clearance to create Proper Access--the fastest, most secure WiFi platform you can own."
Sean O'Brien Founder, CEO | Proper Access